Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The best persons ever.

These people are my coolest friends. We went to Bugo last Sunday (May 15, 2011) to eat some yummy food and go to other houses to eat food. Haha. :)
First, we went to Pearl Aton's crib:
We ate Lechon baboy, Crispy friend chicken, spaghetti, mango, coke, and cake. We really spend our time watching tv, chikka2, playing computer games and taking pictures. I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 and it's freaking awesome! After that, we went to Gerikha Amper's crib:
We ate Hamonada, spaghetti, their yummy pomelo + Maria Clara juice, and etc. We took time taking pictures and some stolen pictures.

These people are awesome. They rock, never absent, and knows how to have fun! I love you EDICURE >:)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

We have the same gown with Lauren Alaina from American Idol.

My sister texted me that we have the same gown with Lauren Alaina from American Idol. I was so shocked and searched in the net if it is true. IT IS TRUE! Hers was red and mine was green. Haha. It was my prom dress when I was fourth year, and it is my FAVORITE gown ever. ;) My father laughed because we have the same gown. And me and my other sister was so suprised. Haha. :) That's all. Ciao!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Okay. I'm so hungry.

Well. I am so hungry and I found this. Up there. I realized that I am so hungry because I am fucking disappointed. Well, first, it was him. He don't understand the sentence: "I am FUCKING busy! I can't go." Do you always be so demanding? Gaaad. I'm tired of that kind of fucking attitude of yours! If you read this, I'm sorry. I still love you, okay? Can you just, understand? :|

Then, my father went home late and drunk, again! And told me we can't watch Manny Pacquiao's game because they will talk with my mother (but that's okay) and my big sister is not here. I'm guessing something but I don't want to post it here (too personal).

Last, when I texted him, he fell asleep. Good job! Sleeping with no permission. :| And Mr. Toasted Bread, Ms. Nutella, and Mr. Milk saved my life. Ohh, thank you. :)